Chances are, you never even cared at all. I’m sure that you had your reasons, but I’ll never get to hear the truth disguised in all your alibis.

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The only 💯 in a biggie shirt at a country bar. #notoriousbig #keepinitreal
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at Water Tower Place
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Cousin love!! @allisonhrichmond ❤️❤️
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See you on the other side…RIP♥️
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Old faithful, I’m amazed to find you look that way. Oh faithful, put away the pills, come waste away with me.

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"You humans love your pain, don’t cha? You just love being in it. You even consider it a virtue. Cry the most at a funeral, you must be the best person. You promise to never forget each other. You promise to feel the sting of loss forever. Because for y’all, forever is just the blink of an eye. Your lives are pathetically brief. When we say forever, we have to mean it. So, we move past our pain. We heal. We move on….because pain is a worthless emotion."

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Thanks @katrinaaaaa_b for the ombré!! #arizonahairco ❤️
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Victoria, Canada 🍁🍀😊
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🚢 Momma!  #cruise #Norwegianjewel
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